Ridiculously Cute Puppy’s Love Of Dirt Pile Is The Best :40 Seconds EVER!

playful puppies

We don’t have to tell you how amazing and charming puppies are — they are the absolute best. They’re God’s gift to this earth and simply irresistible. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love a puppy!

It doesn’t matter what breed they are, what kind of coat or colors they have, or if they’re a boy or a girl puppy — all puppies have something that just draw us in and immediately steal our hearts. How do they do it?!

One of the greatest thing about puppies is that they are just so curious. Everything is brand new to them! So it’s both hilarious and insanely cute to watch them discover something for the first time. Better yet? To film it!

The puppy in the video on the next page is just plain dreamy. Her tiny little face with her flopped down ears! She’s too much to handle! And she’s super playful. The video catches her finding a dirt pile and just going absolutely NUTS over it!

You’re going to want to watch this cuteness in action — it’s far too adorable not to love. And if you love puppies, which I know you do — you’ll be swooning as you watch her play around!

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