Technology to the rescue! This little chihuahua was too small for a regular doggie wheelchair – so he got a custom 3D-printed one instead!3D printing, as the technology improves, is discovering its way into almost all corners of the human experience – and now it’s finding its way into the canine world too. We have […]

All of us know that dogs are man’s best friend – for a lifetime. However, some dogs will live longer than other ones. Taking care of your elderly dog ensures that they’re around to appreciate more of life. Putting together a strategy to take care of your senior dog may keep your special relationship alive […]

Before you consider which kind of dog to own, it’s good to know which ones are the friendliest breed of dogs. Usually, smaller dogs actually are the most confrontational. Large dogs have a better understanding of the universe around them and are typically nicer than smaller dogs. However, realistically, the factor which decides the base […]

These dogs will pick your pocket when you’re not looking! See the hilarious ways two of them practice the art of street thievery on unsuspecting bystanders. We’ve heard of several cases now of dogs that have been trained as semi-professional pickpockets. They’ll lift a wallet, open it and remove the bills from inside. We’ve yet […]

Of all the many training issues with a new puppy, the first item on your agenda is, no doubt, house training. While the first few times may be amusing, cleaning up messes can get old very quickly and besides, the longer you wait the harder it is to convince him that he can’t just go […]

It can happen to even the most conscientious dog owner – your dog gets loose and runs away. Your first line of defense in this situation is to have an ID tag on its collar with your name and contact information. so if they’re noticed or picked up, their finder can locate you. ID tag […]

How many other commuters can boast that they always get a seat on the bus, always draw smiles from fellow passengers, and never have to pay a fare? It helps if you’re covered in fur, like one now-famous dog in Seattle. A determined Black Lab mix named Eclipse has become Seattle’s most famous bus commuter. […]

Just like doctors these days, Search and Rescue dogs (also called SAR dogs) are frequently specialists. There are many types of emergencies in many types of environments, so it’s a matter of finding a dog bred for the right traits to apply to any given search and rescue situation. Dogs with different sets of skills […]

This wonderful poem by Richard Shelton gets inside the mind of a dog whose best hope is to find a kind master, a welcoming home, or perhaps a woman on whom he can lavish his love. Take a Poetry Moment to consider a dog’s point of view.   If I Were a Dog By Richard […]

Ever tried to drag a friend out to play? It happens to dogs too! We’ve all been there – fully of energy and ready to go out for some fun but finding ourselves saddled with a lazy homebody for a companion, who won’t move off the couch for anything short of an earthquake. We recently discovered […]

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