If you are searching for a fun, devoted, sunny disposition companion, search no further. A Havanese dog is the perfect dog to have by your side. With their silky, long hair and loving, big eyes, this cuddle-sized pooch is the ideal pet. This breed dates back to Cuba’s aristocracy within the 1800s, and has quickly earned his nickname […]

All of us have heard the phrase: Dog’s are man’s best friend right? However, just how far are your furry friends willing to go to show just how much they care about you? We’ve rounded up 4 of the most beloved dog stories of friendship and loyalty, as dogs worldwide go above and beyond to […]

What’s better than pictures of adorable puppies? Pictures of adorable puppies taken from underneath the water! Here’s a photography technique that’s got to be challenging, to say the least. It’s hard enough to get a good picture of a dog on dry land, much less from underwater. And the detail of these alone is something […]

When it comes to ironic humor in TV advertising, the overwhelming message from the public is “Leave Puppies Alone!” People find humorous references to puppy mistreatment even more tasteless and abhorrent than jokes about dead babies – or so one sponsor discovered at the 2015 Super Bowl. GoDaddy pulled this dog ad that was scheduled for […]

This year’s Budweiser Super Bowl commercial reprises last year’s famous Yellow Lab puppy in another tearjerker story of friendship, longing and lost love. Who can resist such an adorable, devoted little pup, or fail to exclaim “Awww!” for its plight when it gets separated from its beloved Clydesdales on the farm? In this year’s ad, […]

Technology to the rescue! This little chihuahua was too small for a regular doggie wheelchair – so he got a custom 3D-printed one instead!3D printing, as the technology improves, is discovering its way into almost all corners of the human experience – and now it’s finding its way into the canine world too. We have […]

All of us know that dogs are man’s best friend – for a lifetime. However, some dogs will live longer than other ones. Taking care of your elderly dog ensures that they’re around to appreciate more of life. Putting together a strategy to take care of your senior dog may keep your special relationship alive […]

Before you consider which kind of dog to own, it’s good to know which ones are the friendliest breed of dogs. Usually, smaller dogs actually are the most confrontational. Large dogs have a better understanding of the universe around them and are typically nicer than smaller dogs. However, realistically, the factor which decides the base […]

These dogs will pick your pocket when you’re not looking! See the hilarious ways two of them practice the art of street thievery on unsuspecting bystanders. We’ve heard of several cases now of dogs that have been trained as semi-professional pickpockets. They’ll lift a wallet, open it and remove the bills from inside. We’ve yet […]

Of all the many training issues with a new puppy, the first item on your agenda is, no doubt, house training. While the first few times may be amusing, cleaning up messes can get old very quickly and besides, the longer you wait the harder it is to convince him that he can’t just go […]

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