There are some people on this planet that should never be allowed to have a dog or be around a dog. Often times, situations like that end up abandonment, neglect, or worse. Thankfully, police can help with putting an end to these types of issues. When you own a dog, it can be the most […]

In over 20 years of working at animal shelters, Kay Hyman had never met a dog quite like Gumby. Gumby is a Hound-mix and he was returned to the shelter 11 times. Despite his loving demeanor, he couldn’t seem to find a forever home. Gumby was never returned because he was a ‘mean’ or ‘aggressive’ […]

Two sisters, Sidney and Sara, have an adorable Labrador named Tiki. Tiki is the absolute light of their life. What they didn’t know — was that something was ‘growing’ in the sweet dog’s stomach. It could potentially kill her. One day, the two sisters noticed that their energetic, loving Labrador was acting a strangely. Tiki […]

Mexico City recently a devastating and deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The large, historic city saw many of its beautiful buildings, many with people inside, collapse. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking event for Mexico. As aftershocks were still shaking the ground after the massive quake, rescuers and volunteers immediately went to work trying to rescue survivors from […]

A dog named Solo spent year and year wandering the streets of Los Angeles as a stray dog. At 11 years old, it’s the only life he knew. But one day, he became too tired and sick to walk anymore and walked up to a woman’s porch. When the woman noticed the scared, elderly dog […]

Whether or not you believe in soulmates — some souls were just meant to be together. That’s certainly the case with a Labradoodle named Reagan and a little boy named Buddy. Their beginnings to life were very similar. Both Reagan and Buddy were looking for a family and ended up in the home of Kari […]

Patience is a virtue. It’s a saying that’s as old as time To have patience is truly an amazing feat. Many people’s patience runs out very quickly — and the same goes for dogs too! Like the two you’re about to meet in this hilarious video. Have you ever went with someone to run an […]

Some people in this world are just completely despicable. Like the people you’re going to hear about in this story and in the video on the next page. A family dropped off their dog at a shelter because they didn’t want her anymore. This isn’t even the saddest part. The beautiful German Shepherd mix is […]

Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean and southern United States not long ago. It produced winds nearing 145 miles per hour, and displaced many people from their homes. Sadly — many left their pets behind. Just like Hurricane Harvey that occurred the week before Irma, Florida was hit just as hard as Texas. People were fleeing […]

Have you ever wondered what a dog would say if they could talk? Sometimes, I feel like I understand my dog and know exactly what would they would say. So does the hilarious Twitter account “Thoughts of Dog.” Each tweet is a hysterical “thought” that a dog might have. They are absolutely hilarious and so […]

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