This past February, a three-year-old girl named Victoria Bensch wandered outside and away from her home in Cordes Lakes, Arizona. The toddler became lost in the woods near her home. The sun was beginning to set and the temperatures dropped below freezing. The lost little girl was going to have to spend the night in […]

The employees at a Trader Joe’s in Oregon deserve a giant round of applause. As they were closing up the store one evening, they noticed something moving underneath their lined up shopping carts — it was a tiny dog! The poor thing was so small and so terrified. The Trader Joe’s employees assumed that the […]

Dogs are like our children. Once we have a dog enter our lives, they immediately become family and you treat them just like you would any other kid. Like fighting for them in a custody battle, for example — like on this Judge Judy episode. This particular moment in Judge Judy’s courtroom has caught the […]

Can dogs understand the human language? Or do they just recognize different pitches or inflections of the voice? Sometimes — it really does feel like our dogs can understand everything we’re saying. Otherwise, how can you explain this interaction between a dog and a baby? Okay — babies can’t talk, but if you’ve ever seen […]

We, as animal lovers, know that dogs are some of the most loving creatures on the planet. Some people think that dogs aren’t capable of feeling emotion, but that is simply just not true — ask the heartbroken dog in this story. Dogs are capable of forming bonds with people and other animals, that run […]

There are some people on this planet that should never be allowed to have a dog or be around a dog. Often times, situations like that end up abandonment, neglect, or worse. Thankfully, police can help with putting an end to these types of issues. When you own a dog, it can be the most […]

In over 20 years of working at animal shelters, Kay Hyman had never met a dog quite like Gumby. Gumby is a Hound-mix and he was returned to the shelter 11 times. Despite his loving demeanor, he couldn’t seem to find a forever home. Gumby was never returned because he was a ‘mean’ or ‘aggressive’ […]

Two sisters, Sidney and Sara, have an adorable Labrador named Tiki. Tiki is the absolute light of their life. What they didn’t know — was that something was ‘growing’ in the sweet dog’s stomach. It could potentially kill her. One day, the two sisters noticed that their energetic, loving Labrador was acting a strangely. Tiki […]

Mexico City recently a devastating and deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The large, historic city saw many of its beautiful buildings, many with people inside, collapse. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking event for Mexico. As aftershocks were still shaking the ground after the massive quake, rescuers and volunteers immediately went to work trying to rescue survivors from […]

A dog named Solo spent year and year wandering the streets of Los Angeles as a stray dog. At 11 years old, it’s the only life he knew. But one day, he became too tired and sick to walk anymore and walked up to a woman’s porch. When the woman noticed the scared, elderly dog […]

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