A could was driving one night near the town of Oviedo, Florida when they noticed an abandoned dog on the side of the road. His fur was severely matted and the poor thing was hardly responsive. He was clearly suffering. The abandoned dog was only four-years-old but it was obvious that he only knew a […]

Shira Astrof is a volunteer for Care Rescue LA; the second that dog from an abusive home ended up at the shelter, she decided to rename her. She figured it was the least that she could do to get the sick dog on a path to a new, better life. “We’re not using her old […]

Natasha Wallace was living in the path of California’s tragic and devastating wildfires and, like many others, she only had minutes to flee her home. However, one thing was for certain, she wasn’t going to leave without her dog. Natasha is a college student in Santa Rosa — she was studying on campus when the […]

We’re sure you’ve heard of the term ‘wedding crasher;’ someone who shows up to a wedding completely unannounced and uninvited. Sometimes that person might be a complete stranger, other times it’s a family member. But this time? It was an adorable dog. A gorgeous wedding was taking place in Brazil when an adorable and very […]

If you are following our page, we know how much dogs mean to you. They are a huge part of our lives and they are the best companions we could ever ask for. Could they really get any cuter? A 24-year-old Lithuanian photographer named Andrius Burba wanted to showcase dogs in a way that has […]

Over a dozen of amazingly trained service and comfort dogs flew to Las Vegas this week. Their mission was to provide some comfort and love to the surviving victims of the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting. The comfort dogs are trained to help lift spirits and provide a brief moment of relief. Something that sometimes […]

Nick Haworth was on a fishing boat with his German Shepherd, Luna, when she fell overboard. The heavy currents and choppy waters swept her away. Haworth was absolutely heartbroken and devastated. He tried for five long weeks to search for his lost German Shepherd, but he never had any luck. By this point, Haworth, a […]

When rescuers walked in, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was a building without windows and it was lined with wire cage after wire cage. All of the cages were filled with filthy, scared animals. It was a puppy mill. The smell of feces and urine was absolutely unbearable as the rescuers entered the building. […]

The Shopland family was vacationing at Marsh Lake for Easter weekend when they ended up with an unexpected surprise. By the end of their family weekend getaway, they had a newborn puppy in tow! The tiny little puppy was very fluffy and extremely small, it was clearly only a couple of days old. They assumed […]

Holly Dean is an animal rescue volunteer. She recently received a call about several dogs that were being kept chained outside near her town of San Antonio, Texas. Dean didn’t give it a second thought before she was out the door to help. The owners of the dogs had already agreed that they’d give up […]

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