Over a dozen of amazingly trained service and comfort dogs flew to Las Vegas this week. Their mission was to provide some comfort and love to the surviving victims of the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting. The comfort dogs are trained to help lift spirits and provide a brief moment of relief. Something that sometimes […]

Nick Haworth was on a fishing boat with his German Shepherd, Luna, when she fell overboard. The heavy currents and choppy waters swept her away. Haworth was absolutely heartbroken and devastated. He tried for five long weeks to search for his lost German Shepherd, but he never had any luck. By this point, Haworth, a […]

When rescuers walked in, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was a building without windows and it was lined with wire cage after wire cage. All of the cages were filled with filthy, scared animals. It was a puppy mill. The smell of feces and urine was absolutely unbearable as the rescuers entered the building. […]

The Shopland family was vacationing at Marsh Lake for Easter weekend when they ended up with an unexpected surprise. By the end of their family weekend getaway, they had a newborn puppy in tow! The tiny little puppy was very fluffy and extremely small, it was clearly only a couple of days old. They assumed […]

Holly Dean is an animal rescue volunteer. She recently received a call about several dogs that were being kept chained outside near her town of San Antonio, Texas. Dean didn’t give it a second thought before she was out the door to help. The owners of the dogs had already agreed that they’d give up […]

This past February, a three-year-old girl named Victoria Bensch wandered outside and away from her home in Cordes Lakes, Arizona. The toddler became lost in the woods near her home. The sun was beginning to set and the temperatures dropped below freezing. The lost little girl was going to have to spend the night in […]

The employees at a Trader Joe’s in Oregon deserve a giant round of applause. As they were closing up the store one evening, they noticed something moving underneath their lined up shopping carts — it was a tiny dog! The poor thing was so small and so terrified. The Trader Joe’s employees assumed that the […]

Dogs are like our children. Once we have a dog enter our lives, they immediately become family and you treat them just like you would any other kid. Like fighting for them in a custody battle, for example — like on this Judge Judy episode. This particular moment in Judge Judy’s courtroom has caught the […]

Can dogs understand the human language? Or do they just recognize different pitches or inflections of the voice? Sometimes — it really does feel like our dogs can understand everything we’re saying. Otherwise, how can you explain this interaction between a dog and a baby? Okay — babies can’t talk, but if you’ve ever seen […]

We, as animal lovers, know that dogs are some of the most loving creatures on the planet. Some people think that dogs aren’t capable of feeling emotion, but that is simply just not true — ask the heartbroken dog in this story. Dogs are capable of forming bonds with people and other animals, that run […]

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