Katherine Lemansky, or Katie Brown as she’s known on her Facebook page, proudly posted a picture boasting about duct-taping her dog’s mouth shut. If she was looking for praise — that was the last thing she was about to get. Without thinking twice, Lemansky thought sharing this horrific picture (on the next page) would be […]

Meet Louie the Sheepdog. He is now being hailed a hero after helping rescue a neighbor dog — much to the surprise of his owners! After going missing one day, Louie’s family began to worry. When he showed back up with a note — they were stunned. Marilyn Diver adopted the Sheepdog years ago and […]

Halloween is such a fun holiday. You get to dress up in silly or spooky costumes, decorate your house like it’s haunted, and give candy to trick-or-treaters. Of course, carving pumpkins is always a fun past-time. One person took his pumpkin carving to the next level by creating an incredible “dog-o-lantern” of his adorable Pomeranian […]

In an area near the Kentucky/Indiana border, you’ll see a giant billboard with a German Shepherd on it. It’s an advertisement targeted to parents for a drug-sniffing dog — the company offers to search your home if you’re worried about your child doing drugs. One couple in Kentucky was worried about their teenager; they feared […]

If you’ve ever been in a management position at work, you know how hard it is to discipline someone, let alone having to fire someone. Especially if that “someone” just happens to be an adorable furry black lab. Lulu was recently let go by the CIA, it was a tough decision but it had to […]

A could was driving one night near the town of Oviedo, Florida when they noticed an abandoned dog on the side of the road. His fur was severely matted and the poor thing was hardly responsive. He was clearly suffering. The abandoned dog was only four-years-old but it was obvious that he only knew a […]

Shira Astrof is a volunteer for Care Rescue LA; the second that dog from an abusive home ended up at the shelter, she decided to rename her. She figured it was the least that she could do to get the sick dog on a path to a new, better life. “We’re not using her old […]

Natasha Wallace was living in the path of California’s tragic and devastating wildfires and, like many others, she only had minutes to flee her home. However, one thing was for certain, she wasn’t going to leave without her dog. Natasha is a college student in Santa Rosa — she was studying on campus when the […]

We’re sure you’ve heard of the term ‘wedding crasher;’ someone who shows up to a wedding completely unannounced and uninvited. Sometimes that person might be a complete stranger, other times it’s a family member. But this time? It was an adorable dog. A gorgeous wedding was taking place in Brazil when an adorable and very […]

If you are following our page, we know how much dogs mean to you. They are a huge part of our lives and they are the best companions we could ever ask for. Could they really get any cuter? A 24-year-old Lithuanian photographer named Andrius Burba wanted to showcase dogs in a way that has […]

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