No one wants a party crasher. Nothing is worse than having an uninvited guest show up unannounced at a private event. The event crasher in this story, however, is too cute to turn away. Lucas Valéo is a professional photographer from Brazil. He was hired to snap photos at an event space in a beautiful […]

As a dog lover, you know how special and amazing dogs are. They are so loving, protective, and caring. They can also sense and smell things that humans cannot, they can detect illnesses before we show any symptoms. One pregnant woman knows this from first-hand experience. Alhanna Butler was ecstatic when she found out that […]

We love stories of dog rescues. Taking dogs out of horrible or unsafe conditions brings such relief to our hearts. They finally get the second chance they deserve. But sometimes — it’s the dogs that are the ones saving us. You’re about to meet an amazing dog named Way, she’s a street dog that has […]

Edna was all by herself and living in the mountains. She was starving and struggling to survive. She had been all alone for over two long years. Edna was spotted by residents in the area, but she was going to be tough to catch. Residents in a gated community nearby saw Edna and called animal […]

Puppy mills are horrid, disgusting facilities where dogs are bred for puppies which are then sold. The breeding methods are often inhumane and frequent. It’s a horrible practice that needs to stop. A beautiful little dog named Bella spent 12 years of her life in a facility just like the one mentioned. It’s a life […]

What type of food is best to feed your dog? Should it be a raw diet? Should it have grain? Does it have to be organic? Should dogs be vegetarians? There are a lot of questions when it comes to the best dog food, but don’t worry — we have you covered. You should first be aware that […]

Thousands of spectators take to the streets to show their support for the New York City marathon runners every year. People cheer on their friends and family and offer water to quench their first. This year, however, one dog completely stole the show. Marty is a 1-year-old Beagle-Lab mix whose full name is actually Marty […]

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. They hate being away from their owners and it makes them nervous, sometimes causing them to act out. One clever dog has figured out a trick to get his parents to stay with them — pretend to be sick. It’s a manipulation technique that kids have been using for […]

We’re sure you’re familiar with the song “This Old Man,” the one with the lyrics, “Nik Nak paddywhack give a dog a bone.” Well, you’re about to meet a dog named Nik Nak that certainly deserves all the bones he can get. Before Nik Nak was rescued, the poor boy had a very rough start […]

People either claim to be a “dog person” or a “cat person.” Which one are you? If you’re on this website, you might be a dog person. But regardless, all animals are awesome, right? Of course! There’s no denying, however, that cats and dogs are just fundamentally very different creatures. Anyone who has ever owned […]

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