Mom’s Angry When Family Dog Barges Into Bathroom Shower, Then Sees Her Baby’s Lips Are Blue

Dog’s have an uncanny sixth sense that we, as humans, just can’t describe. They can sense things that humans can’t. One family dog had a sixth sense that saved a sweet baby’s life. This is unbelievable.

A woman named Mindi and her husband just adored their new dog — a 2-year old Collie named Papillon. The thing is — the dog started acting out and chewing their furniture. The couple thought the dog must have been jealous of their newborn daughter Rachel.

Back in June of 1993, Mindi was at home alone with Papillon and 5-week old Rachel. She had finally gotten Rachel to sleep for a nap and decided to take the opportunity for a shower. This is when the family dog started acting very strangely.

Papillon started barking incessantly — at first, Mindi didn’t think anything of it — after all, he had been acting weird for a while. But the barking continued. The new mother didn’t want the barking to wake the baby so she decided to see what was going on.

Just as Mindi was about to step out of the shower, Papillon bolted in the bathroom and stuck his head right through the shower curtain. This is when Mindi knew something was wrong…

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