Family Is Devastated When Dad Dies, Then His Dog Sneaks Out To His Grave


Losing a pet is something that can leave you absolutely devastated. But did you ever think of it the other way around? Dogs have grief as well if their owner dies and this story is going to move you to tears.

We never like thinking about losing someone we love…with fur or not. But sadly, it’s a fact of life that we have to cope with and move through. Something that we never forget but we just learn to deal with.

Animals too never get over the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately for them, they can’t speak so they can’t ask questions like “why?” or “what happened?” Instead…they’re just left wondering where they went.

It’s also true that dogs can become depressed when someone they love dies. Their habits and behavior can change. All because they just don’t understand what has happened.

But one dog is determined to find out just where his owner might be. And when you see what they did? You’re going to need a tissue! Continue to the next page to see this touching video.

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