Little-Known, Rare Dog Breeds – Ever Seen These?

Turkish Pointer (Catalbarun)

With all the press surrounding new hybrid dog breeds, some “pure” breeds are falling further into obscurity. Have you seen any of these rare dog breeds? Here are some in the next pages I bet you’ve never heard of!

It’s almost like once the Labradoodle came out – everyone wanted a hybrid dog! Especially those teeny tiny ones with the cute faces and tiny little bodies. Okay, I digress.

But people seem to have forgotten about many pure breeds out there. I suppose it could also be because these breeds are so rare and some are only found in certain areas.

After you scroll through these next pages, you might find yourself on the hunt for one of these purebred beauties. They are pretty hard to resist.

Read on to find out what they are. But be careful! You might have a very hard time pronouncing some of these crazy breed names.

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