Dog Awkwardly Sits On Her Sister’s Head – Her Reaction? Hilarious!

awkward dogs

I don’t know about you but when it comes to my siblings — there were a lot of awkward moments growing up. There are countless memories of us being totally weird together. These dogs you’re about to see are no exception.

Whether it was road trips, camping or even silly “shows” in the living room — my brother and I were always goofing off and being totally silly. Does this remind you of your childhood? Siblings are the best!

A household with two or more dogs is just the same. It’s absolute constant entertainment of them playing and running around the house just never gets old. Our dogs always keep us laughing with their quirks.

The two dogs in the video on the next page are the epitome of “awkward siblings.” But one this is very clear — they are 100% used to each other’s weirdness. We absolutely love it!

Continue to the next page to watch these two dogs show off one of their strange and awkward routines as one dog goes right ahead and sits on the other’s head! It’s so cute and too funny to miss.

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