10 Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy With Their Owners

clingy dog breeds

Of course your dog loves to spend time with you and be around you at any given moment — but there are some breeds that take that love to the next level. I mean — they loooove being around you.

Are you looking for a dog that wants to cling to you wherever you go? Or maybe you have one of these breeds already! Take a look at the top 10 clingiest dog breeds around.

#10 – Labrador Retriever

Who doesn’t love a Lab?! Well they love you too! This breed is known to be very affectionate, easy-going, and very attached to their owners. They will happily follow you wherever you want to go. No question about it.

clingy dog breeds

Source: Flickr

#9 – Italian Greyhounds

These adorable tiny things would prefer your company every hour of every single day. They’d happily stay on your lap all day if they could. And if you try to leave? Expect a bit of a tantrum.

clingy dog breeds

Source: Flickr

Continue to the next page to see more of the world’s clingiest dog breeds. Any guesses as to what breeds are on the list? Keep reading to find out!

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