An Alabama high school teacher has a new puppy to cuddle with this holiday season, all thanks to his caring and compassionate students. Troy Rogers teaches history at Clements High School and never expected this furry surprise when he came to school that day. Last month, Rogers walked into his classroom, only to be greeted […]

Dogs are smart, fast, quick-witted, and unwaveringly loyal. It’s no wonder that they are considered man’s best friend, or why they’re used as service and military dogs. They are just amazing creatures. Recently there have been pictures that have surfaced that show just how close a soldier and his military dog companion can become. They’ve […]

Bella is a beautiful Siberian Husky mix. She’s just five years old and was one of 46 animals that were found on a property in Henderson, Texas. The sweet girl had just given birth, and since she was chained, all she could do to keep them safe was dig a hole for them. A woman […]

As humans, manners are very important. It’s polite to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when people are helping or giving you things. As it turns out, a special dog in Thailand also knows the importance of manners as well. Orawan Kaewla-iat has been feeding stray dogs near her home for as long as she can […]

A dog named Maggie was staying at the Barker’s Pet Motel Grooming in Alberta, Canada while her owners went away on vacation. After finding her out of her kennel, the staff watched the security footage to find out why and how — they were stunned. After hearing noises come from the other side of the room, Maggie broke […]

No one wants a party crasher. Nothing is worse than having an uninvited guest show up unannounced at a private event. The event crasher in this story, however, is too cute to turn away. Lucas Valéo is a professional photographer from Brazil. He was hired to snap photos at an event space in a beautiful […]

As a dog lover, you know how special and amazing dogs are. They are so loving, protective, and caring. They can also sense and smell things that humans cannot, they can detect illnesses before we show any symptoms. One pregnant woman knows this from first-hand experience. Alhanna Butler was ecstatic when she found out that […]

We love stories of dog rescues. Taking dogs out of horrible or unsafe conditions brings such relief to our hearts. They finally get the second chance they deserve. But sometimes — it’s the dogs that are the ones saving us. You’re about to meet an amazing dog named Way, she’s a street dog that has […]

Edna was all by herself and living in the mountains. She was starving and struggling to survive. She had been all alone for over two long years. Edna was spotted by residents in the area, but she was going to be tough to catch. Residents in a gated community nearby saw Edna and called animal […]

Puppy mills are horrid, disgusting facilities where dogs are bred for puppies which are then sold. The breeding methods are often inhumane and frequent. It’s a horrible practice that needs to stop. A beautiful little dog named Bella spent 12 years of her life in a facility just like the one mentioned. It’s a life […]

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